South Carolina Document List

This is a complete listing of all of the South Carolina Sales, Refinance, Miscellaneous and Title documents that are on the site right now. When we get more demand for South Carolina docs we will post them here. More will be added as they are finished. These are not links, to download these documents as a Subscriber, please click on “Subscribers” and then select “South Carolina” from the sub-menu.

Sales Docs

2017 1099S Joint Substitute form for foreign sellers
12-54-124 Transferor Affidavit – Business Interests

I-290 Non Resident Withholding

I-295 Sellers’ Affidavit

Acknowledgement of Commitment and Enhanced Policy

Acknowledgment of Homeowners’ Association

Affidavit Regarding Judgments

Disbursement Authorization Purchaser

Disbursement Authorization Seller

General Warranty Deed

Truth in Lending form

Old Republic National Title Insurance Company

Old Republic SC 101 Owners Affidavit-Sale or Refinance

Old Republic SC 107 Survey Affidavit

Old Republic SC 111 Sellers Affidavit (Resident)

Old Republic SC 132 Indemnity Agreement

Chicago Title Insurance Company

Chicago Title SC Residential Commitment

Chicago Title SC ALTA Loan Policy

Chicago Title SC ALTA Endorsement 8.1-06 Environmental Protection Lien

Chicago Title SC ALTA Endorsement 9-06

Chicago Title SC ALTA Endorsement 13-06 (Leasehold Owners)

Chicago Title SC ALTA Endorsement 13.1-06 (Leasehold Loan)

Chicago Title SC ALTA Endorsement 30.1-06 (Commercial Participation Interest)

Chicago Title SC ALTA Endorsement 37-06 (Assignment of Rents & Leases)

Chicago Title SC ALTA Endorsement 5-06 PUD

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