Sample Documents

Sample Files are in PDF format. In order to view these files you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0 and above. Download it here

Please Note: Buyers, Sellers, Lenders and Closing Agent names, Loan and Sales prices and any addresses, legal descriptions, and other closing file information displayed in the sample documents below and on other pages on this site are entirely fictional.


Florida Document Samples
Ant-coercion Insurance StatementPower of Attorney (Durable)
Attachment to Mortgage PayoffCondo Letter re Notice of Commencement
Borrowers Revolving Line of Credit AffidavitDeposit Escrow Letter
Continous Marriage Affidavit with Death CertificateDisbursement Verification Letter
Contract Cancellation and Deposit ReturnBorrowers Affidavit
Disbursement AuthorizationHold Harmless for No Survey
FIRPTA - BuyerFIRPTA - Seller Entity Non-Foreign Affidavit
FIRPTA - Notice to Seek AdviceWarranty Deed
FIRPTA- Sellers as IndividualsFannie Mae 3010 - Fannie Mae Mortgage
First American Title 2006 CommitmentFIRPTA - Notice of Tax Reporting
Florida DR-430 Non-Homestead Change of OwnershipPower of Attorney Affidavit
Lender or Purchase Money MortgagePower of Attorney for Loan
Affidavit of FixtureCorporate Borrowers Affidavit
Corporate Sellers Compliance AgreementFile Checklist
Florida Guardian's DeedClosing Disclosure Recording Sheet

Georgia Document Samples
Tennessee Document Samples
FHA HUD AddendumFHA Deed of Trust
Borrower's Affidavit for PurchaseAffidavit of Liens and Encumbrances
General Acknowledgement/Hold HarmlessFirst American Title Owners Policy
Warranty DeedWarranty Deed

South Carolina Document samples
Maryland Document Samples
General Warranty DeedConfirmatory Deed
I-295 Sellers & Withholding AffidavitOwners Affidavit
I-290 Non-Resident Withholding AffidavitTransfer Affidavit of Total Payment
Disbursement Authorization PurchaserCorporate Deed
Disbursement Authorization Seller
General Warranty Deed
Alabama Document Samples
Virginia Document Samples
General Warranty DeedBuyer's Questionnaire
Corporate Joint Survivorship DeedProceeds Authorization
Corporate Warranty DeedOwner's Title Policy Availability
Compliance AgreementSeller's Affidavit (S-240)