As of August 1, 2017, this web site is being purchased by Landtech Data Corporation and will be administered by them. Thank you for 9 years of Subscriptions to this site, we appreciate your support. All current Subscribers to will receive all benefits from their Subscription until that Subscription expires.
Now it is time for us, the developers of this site, to move on to other challenges. Apparently, Landtech Data will be using this vault of forms to supply their customers with the forms that they need as part of the Subscription Agreement between Landtech Data  and it’s customers.
July, 2017
  • A new 2017 North American Title Insurance Privacy Policy due to be used beginning on August 1, 2017 has been uploaded to the NATIC menu.
  • The Notice of Commencement in the Florida Sales Docs folder has been updated with a new format and additional language.
  • A new Florida Condominium HOA Estoppel Request from First American Title has been added to the Miscellaneous menu.
June, 2017
  • A new Fannie Mae Form 3153 Adjustable Rate Rider for Interest-only loans with a ten year maximum term has been added to the Fannie Mae menu.
  • The Westcor Manufactured Housing Endorsement (Form 7) has been updated and uploaded to the Westcor menu.
  • We received the updated Commitment for Title Resources Guaranty Company for 2017. It has been uploaded and is on the TRGC menu.
May, 2017
  • We received an updated Commitment for Alliant National Title which contain standard exceptions, unlike the first Commitment we received. This Alliant Commitment has been uploaded and is available for download by Subscribers.
  • All Florida Deeds and Closing Packages containing deeds have been updated with new deed recording calculations to make them more accurate when using the Closing Disclosure or either of the 2 HUD forms.
April, 2017
  • New Florida ALTA 2017 Commitment forms from all major Underwriters have been modified for Landtech and are uploaded and available on this site. As usual, Subscribers to can have the forms on their system replaced remotely at no additional charge.
  • A Compliance and Tax Proration Agreement and a Hold Harmless for Code Compliance and Open Permits form have been uploaded to the Sales Docs menu.
March, 2017
  • A Seller Post Occupancy Agreement has been uploaded to the Sales Docs menu.
  • Westcor Owner’s and Lenders XML Policies designed to work with the imported title exceptions from the Westcor Land Title Insurance Company as well as independent search companies and all other underwriters have been uploaded to the Westcor menu.
  • A limited selection of Alabama Landtech merge templates in Word format have been uploaded with more to come. Click on Subscribers above and then click on Alabama on the Subscribers menu.
February, 2017
  • For the January 17, 2017 IRS revision of the 1099S Substitute form and the addition of a Foreign Transferor Indicator check box in Landtech, we have uploaded 1099S Substitute Forms that will automatically check the box when the seller is a foreign transferor. These forms can be used now with the release of Landtech version 2017.01.0006.
  • All First American Florida forms have been updated with the new Secretary’s signature and new dates.
  • A Landlord Estoppel Letter has been added to the Sales Docs menu. This form is used when the seller has tenants.
January, 2017
  • After a confusing discussion with WFG National Title Insurance Company, we determined that the signature blocks on their policy jackets from their web site were different than the ones on the Landtech WFG merge forms. The solution that we agreed on was to remove the signature blocks from the Landtech WFG merge forms and replace them with just the signature of the Agent. The revised forms are on the WFG menu on the site. As usual, Subscribers to can have the forms on their system replaced by us remotely at no additional charge.
December, 2016
  • An LLC “Corporate” Resolution form has been added to the Corporate Seller menu.
  • Everyone’s favorite, the File Information Sheet on the Miscellaneous menu has been modified to better handle entity Buyers/Borrowers and entity Sellers as well as individuals. It has also been reformatted to use letter size paper.
  • The Condo Association Letter re Funds for Notice of Commencement on the Miscellaneous menu has been updated.
November, 2016
  • The form Condo Assessment Certification – Sale on the Miscellaneous menu has been updated for all types of closing files.
  • The HUD Acknowledgement and Receipt, the HUD Acknowledgement and Receipt2 – Individuals and the HUD Addendum – Page 3 templates on the Sales Docs menu have all been updated, mainly  to modify the paragraph alignments in section 1. The HUD Acknowledgement and Receipt can be used for individuals and entities, the other 2 documents are for individuals only.
October, 2016
  • Both the Florida Attorneys’ Fund Services “Express” Owners and Mortgage policy forms have been completed and uploaded to the ATFS menu. These forms are to be used when issuing title policies at the table. You will have to get the jackets from the Fund web site because the Fund does not provide an integration with Landtech or other closing software.
  • The separate Closing Disclosure Signature Page in the Landtech Document Editor which can be selected to print simultaneously with the CD has been revised to merge long name and corporate signature lines better. This also resulted in improved positioning of the signature lines for individuals.
September, 2016
  • Florida title policies for all underwriters were calculating the Premiums using the CFPB Disclosure amount, instead of the State of Florida Disclosure amount, so all Florida title policy templates have been modified and are now available for download from each underwriter’s menu. It seems either amount can be disclosed but we feel that displaying the actual amounts charged to each party rather than a figure dreamt up by the CFPB regulations would make life easier for all.
  • A Condominium Sufficient Funds Affidavit has been added to the Sales Docs menu to send to Condominium Management Associations to fill out.
August, 2016
  • The Fidelity Group General (Blank) Endorsements for Commonwealth, Chicago and Fidelity Title have been updated and are on their respective menus.
  • A Lien Order form template to order searches from One-Step Lien Search with the click of a button has been uploaded to the Miscellaneous Menu.
July, 2016
  • Corporate Buyer and Corporate Seller docs as well as most forms on the Miscellaneous menu have been updated, revised and most have been re-formatted from legal size to letter size templates.
  • All Commitments and Policies for all underwriters have had the date fields reformatted to bring in the effective dates and times from the new Landtech Effective Date and Time fields.
  • The latest revision of the Title Commitment and Loan Policy from Attorneys’ Title Fund Services has been uploaded to the ATFS menu. Attorneys’ Title Fund Services, LLC is a servicing company issuing title policies and endorsements under the license of Old Republic National Title Insurance Company.
  • A First Lien Refusal letter has been uploaded to the Florida Miscellaneous menu. This letter can be sent to the Lender stating that you are unable to issue their First Lien Letter request because of the prohibition in Section 14(a) of the title policy form.
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Ben and Peter at a Seminar in Tampa in May, 2016