Georgia Document List

This is a complete listing of all of the Georgia documents that are on the site right now. More will be added as they are finished. To download these documents as a Subscriber, please click on “Subscribers” and then select “Georgia” from the sub-menu.


Acknowledgment and Hold Harmless – General
Acknowledgment and Receipt of Settlement Statement
Acknowledgment- Indeminity & Hold Harmless For HOA Dues
Acknowledgment- Seller Correct Tax ID Number Cash
Acknowledgment- Seller Correct Tax ID Number


Administrators Affidavit
Borrower’s Affidavit for Purchase
Contractor’s Affidavit
Executor’s Affidavit
Name Affidavit GA
Non-Foreign Affidavit GA
Seller Affidavit REO
Seller’s Affidavit
Seller’s Gain Affidavit
Seller’s Residence Affidavit


Escrow Agreement
Gap Indemnity Agreement
Subordination Agreement


Administrators Deed
Executor’s Deed
FHA Security Deed
FNMA Security Deed
Limited Warranty Deed
Quit Claim Deed – Individual Release
Trustees Deed
VA Assumption Rider
Waiver of Borrower’s Rights
Warranty Deed


FHA Adjustable Rate Rider
FHA Georgia Lead Certification
FHA Georgia Waiver of Borrowers Rights
FHA HUD Addendum
FHA Security Deed


3010 – FNMA Mortgage
3108 – FNMA Adjustable Rate Rider
3111 – FNMA Adjustable Rate Rider
3114 – FNMA Adjustable Rate Rider
3120 – FNMA Adjustable Rate Rider 11th District
3140 – FNMA Condominium Rider
3150 – FNMA Multistate PUD Rider
3170 – FNMA 1-4 Family Rider
3180W – FNMA Balloon Rider
3200 – FNMA Note
3210 – FNMA Florida Fixed Rate Note
3260 – FNMA Balloon Note
3265 – FNMA Note (Biweekly)
3501- FNMA Adjustable Rate (ARM 51) Note
3502 – FNMA Adjustable Rate Note (1 year)
3504 – FNMA Adjustable Rate Note (3 year)
3508 – FNMA Adjustable Rate Note Convertible
3510 – FNMA Adjustable Rate Note 11th District
3514 – FNMA Adjustable Rate Note (5 year)
3522 – FNMA Fixed-Adjustable Rate Note
3890 – FNMA Second Home Rider


2017 1099S Joint Substitute form for foreign sellers
Acknowledgement- Legal Representation
Anticoercion Affidavit
Certificate of Non Recission
Compliance Agreement
Cover Letter – mailout
Escrow Waiver
Exhibit A
HUD Acknowledgment and First Payment Letter
Intangible Tax Clause
IRS Certification
Legal Contract Addendum
Legal Description
Right to Cancel
Truth in Lending Statement


Power of Attorney – Buyer
Power of Attorney – Refinance
Power of Attorney – Seller


VA Multistate Note


Fidelity GA 2006 ALTA Loan Policy
Fidelity GA 2006 ALTA Owner’s Policy
Fidelity GA ALTA 10-06 Assignment (02-03-10) (L) 27E596
Fidelity GA ALTA 2-06 Truth in Lending (6-17-06)
Fidelity GA ALTA 4.0-06 Condominium (02-03-10)
Fidelity GA ALTA 5-06 Planned Unit Development (02-03-10)
Fidelity GA ALTA 6-06 Variable Rate Mortgage (10-16-08)
Fidelity GA ALTA 6.2-06 Variable Rate Mortgage-Negative Amortization (10-16-08)
Fidelity GA ALTA 8.1-06 Environmental Protection Lien (6-17-06) (l) 27E100
Fidelity GA ALTA 8.2-06 – Commercial Environmental Lien (10-16-08) (l) 27E487
Fidelity GA ALTA 9-06 Endorsement Restrictions, Encroachments, Minerals – Loan Policy (4-2-12)(l)
Fidelity GA Blank Endorsement
Fidelity GA Short Form Loan Schedule (Schedule A and Addendum)
Fidleity GA Short Form Residential Loan Policy


FAT GA  ALTA Plain Language Commitment (6-17-06)
FAT GA ALTA 2006 Loan Policy
FAT GA ALTA 2006 Owner’s Policy
FAT GA ALTA HomeOwner’s Policy (1-1-08)
FAT GA Eagle Loan Policy (07-26-10)
FAT GA Eagle Owner’s Policy (03-08-10)
FAT GA Privacy Policy


Old Republic GA 2006 ALTA Commitment 4308
Old Republic GA 2006 ALTA Loan Policy
Old Republic GA 2006 ALTA Short Form Residential Loan Policy
Old Republic GA 2006 Homeowner’s Policy
Old Republic GA 2006 Owner’s Policy
Old Republic GA Short Form Loan Policy


WFG GA ALTA 9-06 Restrictions, Encroachments, Minerals
WFG GA 2006 Loan Policy
WFG GA ALTA 8.1-06  Environmental Protection Lien
WFG GA ALTA Plain Language Commitment 6-17-06
WFG ALTA Homeowners Policy 02-03-10

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