Florida Document List

This is a complete listing of all of the Florida Sales, Refinance and Miscellaneous Landtech merge documents that are on the site right now. When you see documents described as “CD Acknowledgement & Receipt” and “CD Acknowledgement & Receipt 2”, they are just variations on the same type of form. All forms for all underwriters are also available on the site. More will be added as they are finished. These are not links on this page; to download these documents as a Subscriber, please click on “Subscribers” and then select “Florida” from the sub-menu.


CD Addendum
CD Recording Transfer Sheet
CD Acknowledgement & Receipt
CD Acknowledgement & Receipt 2


Borrowers Affidavit – Corporate
Borrowers Lien Affidavit – Corporate
Buyers Gap Affidavit – Corporate
Closing Package – Corporate Refinance
Contractors Final Affidavit – Borrowers
Corporate Resolution – Buyer
HUD Addendum – Buyer Corp
LLC Refinance Affidavit


Closing Package – Corporate Seller
Compliance Agreement Corporate Seller
Contractors Final Affidavit – Sellers
Contractor’s Final Payment with Lien Waiver
Corporate Owner-Seller Affidavit
Corporate Resolution – Seller
HUD Acknowledgment – Signature Page Seller Corp
HUD Addendum – Seller Corp
LLC Affidavit
LLC “Corporate” Resolution
Non Foreign Affidavit of Entity Transferor
Notice of Termination
Quit Claim Deed – Corporate
Special Warranty Deed with Corporate Owner Affidavit
Special Warranty Deed
Tax Proration Corporate Seller

FHA – PUD Rider 9-2014
FHA Adjustable Rate Note 01-2015
FHA Adjustable Rate Rider
FHA Condominium Rider 09-2014
FHA Florida Mortgage
FHA Note – 01-2015

3108 – FNMA Adjustable Rate Rider
3111 – FNMA Adjustable Rate Rider
3114 – FNMA Adjustable Rate Rider
3120 – FNMA Adjustable Rate Rider 11th District
3140 – FNMA Condominium Rider
3150 – FNMA Multistate PUD Rider
3160 – FNMA Private Mortgage Insurance Rider
3170 – FNMA 1-4 Family Rider
3180W – FNMA Balloon Rider
3200 – FNMA Note
3210 – Florida FNMA Fixed Rate Note

3153 – FNM Multistate Adjustable Rate Rider IO
3260 – FNMA Balloon Note
3265 – FNMA Note (Biweekly)
3501- FNMA Adjustable Rate (ARM 51) Note
3502 – FNMA Adjustable Rate Note (1 year)
3504 – FNMA Adjustable Rate Note (3 year)
3504 – FNMA Adjustable Rate Note
3508 – FNMA Adjustable Rate Note Convertible
3508 – FNMA Adjustable Rate Note Convertible
3510 – FNMA Adjustable Rate Note 11th District
3514 – FNMA Adjustable Rate Note (5 year)
3522 – FNMA Fixed-Adjustable Rate Note
3890 – FNMA Second Home Rider


2011 Truth in Lending form
2015 Private Mortgage
Address Certification
Agreement for Services
Anticoercion Affidavit
Assignment of Parking Space
Balloon Mortgage
Balloon Note
Closing Disclosure Recording Transfer Sheet
Non-Closing Disclosure Recording Transfer Sheet
Certificate of Trust for Homestead
City Lien Letter
Clerical Error Authorization
CMA – Sellers and Death Certificate
Condo Assessment Certification – Sale
Condo Association Letter re Funds for Notice Commencement
Condo-Homeowners Association Letter
Condo HOA Estoppel Request
Condominium Information Request
Continuous Marriage – Either Party
Continuous Marriage Affidavit – Buyers
Continuous Marriage Affidavit – Sellers
Contract Addendum
Contractor Affidavit
Death Affidavit
Directive Any Reason – Hold Harmless
Directive No HOA Dues – Hold Harmless
Directive Seller Received Deposit- Hold Harmless
Disbursement Verification Letter
DR-430 Non-homestead Change of Ownership
Escrow Agreement 2
Escrow Agreement for Repairs
Escrow Agreement
Escrow Closing Letter
Exhibit A Legal Description
File Information Sheet
File Information Sheet 2
File Information Sheet 3
First Lien Letter Refusal
First Payment Letter
Hold Harmless and Indemnity Affidavit
Hold Harmless for no Prior Owners Policy
Hold Harmless for Sinkhole
Hold Harmless No Survey
Identification and Future Address
Instructions for Title Vesting
Lender Mortgage Policy Enclosure Letter
Lender or PMM Mortgage
Lender or Purchase Money Mortgage – Legal size
Minor Affidavit
Non Homestead Affidavit

Not One and the Same Name Affidavit
Notary Affidavit
Notice of Lower Reissue Rate Eligibility
Notice to the Notary Public
One-Step Lien Search Order form
O and E Report
O and E Report 2
Owner Policy Enclosure Letter
Owner Policy Transmittal Letter
Owners Notice of Termination of NOC
Party Wall Agreement – Buyers-Borrowers as Party A
Party Wall Agreement – Sellers as Party A
Payoff Affidavit
Payoff Check Enclosure Letter
Payoff Request Letter Refinance
Payoff Request Letter
Payoff Transmittal Letter
Power of Attorney – Specific
Power of Attorney Affidavit 2
Power of Attorney Affidavit
Power of Attorney for Loan
Power of Attorney
Purchase Money Note
Purchase Money or Lender Mortgage – no note
Realtor Order Form
Recording Submittal Information Sheet
Reissue Rate Declaration
Right to Rescission
Satisfaction Not Received Letter
Satisfaction of Judgment
Satisfaction of Mortgage – Refinance
Second Payoff Enclosure Letter
Second Payoff Request
Seller Occupancy Agreement
Service Agreement
Survey Affidavit – Buyers
Survey Order Form
Tax Escrow Agreement
Title Affidavit – Refinance
Title Order Form – Refinance
Title Order Form
Trust Certification
Trust Affidavit Trust in Full Force
Trust Affidavit Trust Owner-Seller No Lien
Truth in Lending Statement
Utility Agreement
Utility and Reproration Agreement
Waiver and Release of Lien
Waiver of Owner’s Policy by Borrowers
Water Bill Agreement
Welcome Letter – Borrowers

Mobile Home Affidavit of Fixture – Borrowers
Mobile Home POA – Buyer Side A
POA for Mobile Home


2015 Private Mortgage
Assignment of Mortgage
Balloon Rider – Generic
Borrower Revolving Line of Credit Affidavit
Borrowers Affidavit
Borrowers Gap Affidavit Individuals
Closing Affidavit – Buyer
Closing Package – Refinance 2
Closing Package – Refinance
Compliance Agreement Refinance
Condo Dues Affidavit
Condo Information Request – Refinance
Construction Loan Agreement
Continuous Marriage Affidavit – Buyers
Disbursement Agreement – Refinance
Encroachment Affidavit
Equity Line Payoff Number 1 Transmittal Letter
Equity Line Payoff Number 2 Transmittal Letter
Equity Line Payoff Transmittal with Prompts
Exhibit A Legal Description

File Checklist – Refinance
First Payment Letter
General Buyers Affidavit
Hold Harmless for No Survey
Hold Harmless No Survey Pest or Insurance
Hold Harmless No Survey
Indemnity Agreement re HOA and Liens
Mortgage Subordination Agreement
Mortgagor Affidavit (Individual)
Notice of Commencement
Notice to Purchaser 2
Notice to Purchaser
Payoff Request Letter Refinance
Power of Attorney – Specific
Right to Rescission
Satisfaction of Mortgage – Refinance
Survey Affidavit – Buyers
Title Affidavit – Refinance
Title Order Form – Refinance
Welcome Letter – Borrowers


2017 1099S Joint Substitute form for foreign sellers
1099S Multi Party Substitute Form
1099S Signed Multi Party Substitute Form
1099S Joint Filing Substitute Form
1099S Signed Joint Filing Substitute Form
12 Month Chain of Title
2015 Private Mortgage
24 Month Chain of Title
Affidavit of Debt, Liens and Possession
Affidavit of No Mortgage
Affidavit of Prior Contract
Agreement for Deed
As-Is Property Condition Acknowledgment
Assignment of Real Estate Purchase and Sale Agreement
Attachment to Mortgage Payoff
Balloon Mortgage
Balloon Note
Bill of Sale
Buyers Acknowledgement of Real Estate Tax
Borrowers Affidavit – Sale
Buyer FIRPTA Affidavit
Buyer-Borrower’s Authorization
Buyers Closing Affidavit – ATF
Buyers Gap Affidavit Individuals
Clarification of Title Vesting
Closing Affidavit – Buyer
Closing Affidavit – Seller
Closing Agreement – Sale
Closing Package – Sale
Closing Package – Sale 2
Closing Package – Sale 3
Closing Package – Sale 4
Closing Package – Sale 5
Closing Package – Sale Letter size
Closing Package – Sale no BOS
Compliance – Sale
Compliance Agreement and Non-Coercion Statement
Compliance and Tax Proration Agreement
Compliance Agreement to Title Company
Compliance Agreement
Condo Information Request
Condominium Approval
Condominium Sufficient Funds Affidavit
Construction Lien Affidavit – Sale
Construction Loan Agreement
Contract Cancellation and Deposit Return
Correction Agreement
Corrective Deed
Deposit Escrow Letter
Disbursement Authorization
Encroachment Acknowledgement
FIRPTA – Buyer
FIRPTA – Notice of Tax Reporting
FIRPTA – Notice to Seek Advice
FIRPTA – Seller Entity Non-Foreign Affidavit
FIRPTA – Sellers as Individuals
FIRPTA Affidavit for Buyers
FIRPTA Certifications (1006)
Florida DR-312
Florida Notice of Potential Lower Reissue Rate
Foreign Buyer Affidavit
Form 1099S (2 Sellers signed)
Gap Indemnity Agreement
General Buyers Affidavit
General Sellers Affidavit
Guardian’s Deed
Hold Harmless for Code Compliance, Open Permits
HUD Acknowledgement and Receipt
HUD Acknowledgment and Receipt 2 – Individuals
HUD Addendum – Page 3
Instructions for Title Vesting
IRS Certification
Landlord Estoppel Letter
Lien Search Affidavit
No Survivors Affidavit
Nolien Affidavit
Nolien and Gap Affidavit
Non Foreign Affidavit
Non Foreign Certificate
Non-Identity Affidavit – ATF
Non-Identity Affidavit
Notice of Commencement
Notice of Termination of NOC
Notice of Termination
Notice to Purchaser
Owners Affidavit, Firpta
Partial Release of Mortgage with Prompts
Personal Rep Affidavit
Personal Rep Deed
Power of Attorney Affidavit
Power of Attorney
Pre-closing Package
Purchase Money Mortgage
Purchase Money Note
Quit Claim Deed with prompts
Quitclaim Deed – Sale
Same Name Affidavit
Satisfaction of Mortgage – Sale
Seller-Owner’s Authorization
Seller Forwarding Information
Sellers’ Gap Affidavit
Seller Post Occupancy Agreement
Standard Agreement for Deed
Survey Acknowledgment
Survey Affidavit – Buyers
Survey Affidavit – Sellers
Survey Affidavit
Tax Proration Agreement
Tax Proration Calculated
Tax Proration Individual Seller
Title Affidavit – Letter
Title Affidavit
Title Order Form – Sale
Title Order Form
Trust Affidavit
Trustee Affidavit with Settlor Deceased
Trustee’s Deed with Prompts
Trustees Deed
Warranty Deed
Warranty Deed – Sale to Trust
Welcome Letter – Buyers
Welcome Letter – Seller


VA Multistate Note

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