About us

We have been working with the Landtech Real Estate Settlement System since 1988 and have produced thousands of merge documents in Landword! (the Landtech for DOS word processor), WordPerfect, Microsoft Word as well as the Landtech Document Editor, the Landtech internal word processor. The Landtech Document Editor is also the word processor used to create the Layout Templates for the bottom of the Closing Disclosure and HUD forms, so we have those Layouts on this site as well. The unlimited creation and modification of documents is one of the greatest features of great closing software, the Landtech Real Estate Settlement System. You will see that on this site.


Palm Beach State College students learning Landtech

We are the distributor for the Landtech Real Estate Settlement System, mainly responsible for customers in Florida and parts of the Southeast. We create all Word merge templates including title policies and endorsements for all underwriters in all states, individual County recording calculation files, title fee and endorsement calculators, customized XML business and income reports and many other fine enhancements to your Landtech Real Estate Settlement System. With us, you can turn that software investment into a time-saving, easy and accurate way to do your business. Let Landtech perform every function it can, all to your benefit!

Our Landtech merge documents are widely known as the best Landtech merge forms produced. There are other Landtech merge forms, some in Word, some in the Landtech Document Editor, however most of these products are produced without the attention to detail that makes the Landtech documents available on this site remarkably better. We can help in many ways to make your Landtech software function the way you want it to, Check with us before you purchase a new Landtech system or upgrade your existing Landtech. We’ll ensure that your customers have a first-class impression with our first-class setup and documents.

Over the years we have seen many transitions in the development of Landtech with it’s emphasis on the latest technology. At first, of course, we had the Landtech for DOS version of the program originally developed by Wyatt Bell, whose family carries on his development tradition at Landtech Data Corporation today. It was in 1979 that Wyatt Bell introduced Landtech at the ALTA convention in San Francisco using a Radio Shack TRS-80 computer, because the IBM Personal Computer had not been released yet. Landtech has always been on the leading edge of technology, the first to introduce fax capability in a DOS closing program, the first to incorporate true holographic electronic signature capability, the first to use XML to transfer data to and from any software program including to and from title insurance underwriters and independent title searchers directly into the closing software. It is the only closing software with its own IPhone and IPad Apps using Landtech eSign. Landtech has added integration with most title underwriters to generate the CPL and Policy Jackets from within the Landtech closing file. Landtech just recently introduced integrations for one-click Electronic Recording as well as one-click ordering of Surveys, Lien Searches and Digital Documents (for your marketing purposes). It’s worth noting that all of these enhancements and improvements were incorporated in the program at no additional charge to our customers. Landtech was also the only closing program to seamlessly transfer existing DOS files into Landtech for Windows, again at no additional charge to our customers.

The cost of a one year subscription to www.landtechforms.com is just $240.00 for a full year – imagine – only $20.00 per month for full access to all new Landtech documents, training and extra customer service! Please contact us if you need a complete set of title forms for an underwriter, a full set of conveyance forms or would like to subscribe annually to the site, allowing you to download the latest forms and Landtech components and get great support any time you need it. Why is there a charge at all? Because we are an independent company from Landtech Data Corporation, the developer of the basic Landtech program.

Landtech has more than 4,000 loyal customers, so the latest title forms are made available to us immediately and Subscribers have them before they are required. People constantly switch underwriters for many reasons; the underwriter sheds some of their brands, their representative moves to another underwriter, some underwriters leave the state, some can’t financially remain in the land title insurance business, and new ones frequently come into the state, so title forms are constantly in flux but always available here.

The annual subscription fee for updates and telephone support from Landtech Data Corporation goes towards programming, support staff, building costs and all of the expenses required to bring you the best and latest technology. Producing and updating the documents is a task that you can do yourself but you will save time (money) and energy if you let landtechforms.com handle that part of your closing process while you engage in your core business. We help and support our Subscribers, provide them Landtech documents and other Landtech products and answer their requests. With a landtechforms.com annual subscription, you will have all of the new documents available on this site for easy and rapid downloading, access to 2 free hours of online training for you or your staff, and additional telephone and email support, often after Landtech Data’s hours of operation. Our only mission is to help you use your Landtech program efficiently and keep you current with the best closing software and the finest documents, so C’mon aboard!