Deed-House-1931224Welcome to landtechforms.com. We hope to make your Landtech experience even better than it is now, and even easier to use, by providing any documents, county recording files, title policy and endorsement calculators and anything else you would like to have as part of your Landtech Real Estate Settlement System.

To see the what the latest documents are plus any updates and changes, click on the News drop-down menu above. Our focus has been on Florida for decades, but we have added documents from other states at the request of underwriters and customers in those areas. To see the available documents for the states we have forms for, click on the Document Lists menu at the top of this page and select the state whose forms you are interested in from the 5 now available. Title rate tables, recording calculations, title libraries and many more items are available for many states in addition to the 5 here.

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The Subscribers’ section of this site was rewritten in June, 2016 for clarity and ease of use. The document download menus are all on one page for each State, with “accordion-style” displays for each document category. Just click Subscribers at the top of this page and log on. One click will download any document on the site!

Our Landtech merge documents are widely known as the best Landtech forms produced in the country. There are other Landtech merge forms, some in Word, some in the Landtech Document Editor, some in WordPerfect. However many of these documents are produced without the automation and attention to details that make our Landtech merge documents remarkably better. Check with us  before you purchase a new Landtech system or upgrade your existing Landtech. We’ll make sure you give your customers a first-class impression with our first-class setup.

As the existing documents change and improve, and new forms become required or available, they will be offered first to Subscribers on this site. When underwriter forms change, landtechforms.com Subscribers will be notified and can have them remotely installed for their use with Landtech at no additional charge. Non-Subscribers either pay for the title form updates or some underwriters such as Westcor Land Title, North American Title and Title Resources Guaranty purchase the forms sets from us and we provide them to their agents at no cost. Check with your underwriter and see if they would like to purchase their form sets as a courtesy to their agents.

If you don’t see what you need, we will prepare custom Word templates or LDE documents for any purpose and for any State or States. Like the forms on this site they can be individual forms and/or sets of documents with any number of enclosed forms. Try us! It’s less expensive than you think and will pay for itself quickly.

Subscribers to landtechforms.com receive many benefits other than document downloads. These benefits include up to 2 hours of online training, discounts on classroom training seminars and extra Landtech support, including times when support from Landtech Data is not available. Subscribe today and make full use of your Landtech system. It does much more than prepare Closing Statements and write checks.